Skabe Farmhouse B&B - The Mediterranean Life in Istria
Muntic 32a, 52100 Pula-Pola, Croatia
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Who We Are

Imagine spending time far from crowds, noise and everyday worries... taking a walk through our vineyard and olive groves.
The tradition of farm life is more than our work, it is what we love and enjoy sharing with travelers from around the world.

Spring, summer, fall and winter... each season offers a magnificent bounty of flowers, colors, aromas and culinary delights.
We invite you to celebrate them all, here at Škabe Farmhouse.

Our farm provides us with all the ingredients to create tasty Mediterranean style dishes with a unique Istrian influence.

And if you visit us in autumn, join us for the annual grape harvest or olive picking.
You'll see, nothing compares to the taste of organic Istrian white Malvazija and red Teran!. 

We hope to see you soon, 
The Radešić Family


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