Skabe Farmhouse B&B - The Mediterranean Life in Istria
Muntic 32a, 52100 Pula-Pola, Croatia
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Taste of Istria

Although Istrian cuisine is somewhat of an insiders secret, as with all Mediterranean cuisines, the extraordinary taste comes from superior ingredients that are fresh, local, and organic/bio.

From Roman times till now, gourmands from around the world have touted the excellence of Istrian olive oil, local wines, white and black truffles, seafood, spices, seasonal fruits and prized vegetables such as Istrian wild asparagus.

Boškarin cattle and sheep pasture on hills of wild herbs and vegetation, where salty sea breezes we say they are seasoned from the inside out! The quality of local cheeses is outstanding, as are the Istrian Prosciutto hams dry cured by a cold dry wind called Bura (Bora, Burja), that comes from the north. Families living on the coast either fish themselves or know a fisherman, so a fresh supply of seafood is easily found.

On our farm, we grow the wheat to make our daily bread. It is a true delight to taste a slice spread with local honey or our grandmother's fig and lemon jam!
We also produce an award winning extra virgin olive oil from a local cultivar called Buža (Busa), which is available for purchase.

We will be happy to guide you to the best restaurants where you can enjoy memorable Istrian cuisine, sights and activities... all part of your perfect vacation!


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