Skabe Farmhouse B&B - The Mediterranean Life in Istria
Muntic 32a, 52100 Pula-Pola, Croatia
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Where We Are

We live in Istria (Istra), on the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, geographically shared by three countries:
Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. You can find Škabe Farmhouse in Muntić, a charming village with just a few hundred inhabitants.
The village is 9 kms (5,6 miles) from the ancient historical town of Pula (Pola).

Due to our Location, we enjoy the benefits of both land and sea. We are surrounded by beautiful meadows and forests, while the sea is no more than a 15 minute drive from the midpoint on the southern penuinsula.

Istria inherited its name from Histri, the first known civilization in this area. If you take a walk to our vineyard and then continue for about 100 meters (0,06 miles), you will arrive at Nesactium (Vizače, Nezakcij). In the pre-Roman era, Nesactium was the capital of the native Histri population on the peninsula.

Not much is known about the Histrians, except they were proficient in sailing and astronomy, and had a deep appreciation for nature. Histrians were a part of the Castellieri culture, but exactly where they came from is yet to be discovered. It is believed their economy was based on trade and piracy, mainly against the Romans throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Indications are that they were a particular ethnic group, such as Etruscans in Italy were.

Nesactium is also the place of several legends about the Histrian lands extending from here to Trieste, and the exploits of their brave leader Epulon and his people against the Roman invaders.

From lush landscapes where archaeological remains of past civilizations can be explored, to the pure blue sea kissed by the sun, many charms and secrets await on this magical peninsula.

How to Get Here

By air :

Flying to Pula Airport is the fastest and easiest way to get here.

Direct flights from many larger European cities to Pula (PUY) are available from April to November. If you cannot obtain a direct flight to Pula, you can choose one of the following airports; Venice (VCE) or Trieste (TRS), Zagreb (ZAG) and Ljubljana (LJU).
If you wish to rent a car for your stay, Pula Airport has many rental kiosks open.

We recommend you check out or Ryanair for direct flights. Pula Airport lists all airlines servicing Pula.

The Škabe Farmhouse
GPS coordinates:
N 44° 55' 29,3"
E 13° 56' 55,8"


By car :

The distance to drive to Pula (Croatia) from Venice (Italy) or Zagreb (Croatia) is the same, but it's cheaper from Venice because of the toll roads. On the other hand, the drive from Zagreb is more scenic and will allow you to see a bit of the inland country. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding your travel plans by choosing Booking form from the main menu. And remember to bring your passport or ID even if you are an EU citizen, because Croatia is not part of the Schengen zone.


Pula Airport Exit is the last exit on the highway, which is newly built and not busy except in the high season. When driving at night you will experience how silent and still the nights here are... it's a star gazer's delight!


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